How Our Service Works


The Las Vegas Ticket Authority is available to represent clients on all forms of traffic violations including speeding tickets, red light tickets, lane changes, failure to yield, as well as any misdemeanor driving infractions including reckless driving, speed content, suspended license, and exhibition of speed. Our law office can also assist with DUIs as well as traffic related arrest warrants.

Once we receive your traffic ticket, warrant or DUI information a lawyer will review your case free of charge and contact you with legal options and service rates for representation. Upon retaining the Las Vegas Ticket Authority our attorneys will file all applicable paperwork and appear in court on your behalf to either negotiate a plea bargain or litigate your case. In the case of arrest warrants, the Las Vegas Ticket Authority is often able to have them quashed via correspondence with the court.

Legal fees collected by the Las Vegas Ticket Authority cover all costs incurred by our law office to handle your case. Service rates sometimes vary based on severity and jurisdictions, however the Las Vegas Ticket Authority does not charge service ‘ad-ons’ or hidden fees. Court fines are the monetary amounts to be collected for the infraction. As part of our legal service we always negotiate the reduce fines as much as possible. Fines will paid directly to the court pending final outcome of your case. The Las Vegas Ticket Authority will always inform clients on amounts owed and payment options.


The Las Vegas Ticket Authority is always available to clients for information or status updates on your case. We believe in honest and open communication and keeping our clients informed throughout the entire legal process. Client correspondance can be made via phone at 702-463-5600 or in person at 6540 South Pecos Road Suite 120A Las Vegas, NV 89120. Email correspondence is also welcomed, though for privacy and security some information may not be available via electronic communication.


Payments can be made to the Las Vegas Ticket Authority in person or via credit card by phone. Online payment methods will be available soon, estimated Spring / Summer 2015.

Client Responsibility

It is the clients responsibility to provide us with accurate and up to date contact information including name, phone, physical and email address. Proof of insurance, proof of residency, drivers license information, traffic ticket information and any other supporting documents may also be needed. Without complete and accurate information, the Las Vegas Ticket Authority may not be able to proceed with legal representation or effectively defend you in court.